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This page aims to tell you a little about what counselling or psychotherapy with me may be like. See also the NHS choices website for a good explanation www.nhs.uk/conditions/psychotherapy

The UKCP in their publication 'Tomorrows NHS: A UCKP Framework for Psychological Therapies' aptly describe counselling and psychotherapy when they say, “Psychological therapy is not tea and sympathy – or even some generic, well-intentioned set of listening skills. Rather, it is a rigorous endeavour to locate and relieve a patient’s pain and suffering in all its manifestations”.

People seek therapy for many different reasons, usually when they are not happy with aspects of their lives. You may lack a sense of well-being or have a desire for greater self-knowledge and insight into the cause of your distress and anxiety. You may or may not know what the problem is, or what is causing you to feel unhappy. It may be that you feel that you do not have the words to describe how you are feeling and you may have an underlying sense of sadness or dissatisfaction.

As the relationship with me develops, you may discover new insights and ways of coping better with your difficulties. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy aims to reach the underlying, often unconscious causes of distress. I will not tell you what to do or give you advice. However, together we can reflect on events in your life and explore your emotional difficulties and the way you relate to yourself and others.

You may find the BBC webpage about psychotherapy and counselling informative-


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